Managing Crisis Communications with Senior Advisor to Former President Barack Obama | Greymatter

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

Companies that have successfully managed crisis realize that how they behave in the minutes, days and weeks following a crisis is even more important than what actually happened. A company’s ability to successfully manage a challenging news cycle is paramount to maintaining company value.   While working in the White House during the Obama Administration, Eric Schultz was the person you wanted in the trenches with you during times of crisis. As the former White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, Eric helped managed the responses to Congressional oversight investigations including the Solyndra bankruptcy, the Justice Department’s Fast & Furious operation, and the Benghazi attacks.    In this episode of Greymatter, I sit down with Eric to discuss relationship building with the press, why honesty is crucial during crisis (and always) and best practices to develop a credible communications response.