Building Up Great Engineering Leaders with Greylock’s EIR Wade Chambers | Greymatter

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

In the latest Greymatter episode, we welcome back Twitter’s former Head of Revenue Engineering, now Greylock Executive In Residence, Wade Chambers. He sits down with Greylock partner Josh McFarland to discuss what characteristics make a great engineering leader and the best environment to foster leadership. Wade helped scale product and build out TellApart’s engineering, product, and services team at a time when the company was on track to almost triple revenue to over $50M. The two startup veterans share lessons learned from building TellApart, how founders can create a culture built on honest conversations, and advice for coaching up great engineering leaders.   To hear more from Wade, listen to his previous Greymatter podcasts on Increasing Your Team’s Capacity to Win and the follow-up discussion on the Art of Hiring 10x Engineers.