Omakase: October 2017

A friend suggested that perhaps I should start a list of things I like and explain why I like them. He thought it would be a great play on words if we called it Omakase. Omakase, for sushi fans, roughly translates into chef’s choice. So here we are – the first of these lists. Originally published on

  1. Aether Apparel Flight Pant: I travel a lot and often long distances. And as a result I want a comfortable pair of pants to relax when I am on the plane. I always change into these pants after take off. They are soft, comfortable and stylish. And they look better than sweat pants. Worth every penny.
  2. Lamy Aion Rollerball Pen: A perfectly balanced and amazing design make this $72 rollerball a must have for me. I find it is big enough to make it easy to use all day when scrubbing on paper. I have a fountain pen, which I don’t like as much. Buy it.
  3. Slim Work Tote by Bellroy: I have too many bags and a lot of folks send me their bags to try them out. I find faults with them all. This one I find is great – unisex, light weight and lot of pockets and protection. Affordable price as well. They are better for women than for men, but the quality of materials and construction is spectacular.
  4. Clarks Wallabee Boot: Clarks desert boots are robust and last a lifetime. I don’t like wearing them during summer, but during winter they are perfect. The leather on these ones is amazing and worth the price. Yeah, I know $240 is too much, but they will last forever.
  5. Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar: One of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time. You can finish it on a flight to and from East/West coasts. Beautifully paced, jargon free, artfully arranges, deeply reported and properly researched… I wish all books were this good. You won’t regret reading this.