World After Capital: Progress Report

My book World After Capital has been an ongoing project for a couple of years now. I am excited that as of this weekend I feel it includes all the ideas I want in there. Some of them, such as strategies for overcoming the dominance of nation states, are so far in a protozoic stage, but at least they are there. Others, such as the chapter on the sufficiency of “Capital“, are in need of a substantial rewrite because they have fallen out of sync with other parts (see the rewritten chapter on “Needs”).

What is next? Rewriting the Capital chapter is high on my priority list. I am also now in need of a copy editor to go over the whole book from beginning to end. There are lots of inconsistencies in voice stemming from the iterative writing process. There are also ideas that could expressed more clearly. And I also want to revisit some of the sequencing, although having explored many possible high level outlines I am pretty happy with the one I have now.

Finally, I have been getting more inquiries for printed and bound versions of the book. So I am starting to look into options for that. I am particularly interested in Print on Demand solutions, as it seems crazy to me in the year 2017 to print copies without knowing the demand. On the other hand though I love a book that’s printed on quality paper in an attractive font and well bound. Ideally one can have both and not have the print on demand feel cheap and fall apart quickly. 

If you know an amazing copy editor who is also fundamentally interested in the topics of World After Capital, please send them my way. If you have ideas for high quality Print on Demand, I am interested in that also.

PS If you know someone who is great with fonts, instead of a designed cover I want just text (and of course also for the book itself)