Some Good Reads from around the web

These are the stories I found worth reading during the course of my day. I hope you enjoy them.

  • The coming software apocalypse, is a great long read on The Atlantic. I didn’t like the headline, but the story is great look into our reliance of software and weaknesses that are all around it. I urge you to read this.
  • If you look hard enough, you know Amazon HQ2 is just spin and polishing a turd, John Battelle eruditely explains.
  • A driverless car with some common sense? A startup called iSee is working on it. I am not clear on how their approach is special compared to other, but otherwise it seems like an idea and a company paying attention to. MIT Technology Review has the story.
  • Let Twitter be Twitter, Dave Winer argues.
  • Surveillance is the business model of the Internet, says Bruce Schneier, commenting on this story about . An eye-opening read.
  • You want more context, then read this N+1 story, The Commercial Surveillance State.


  • FBI exposes wide scale corruption in the (US) College Basketball program. Worth a read. #
  • 88 percent of American adults watched the August total solar eclipse or about 215 million. That’s a lot. #
  • Listen up Steve Jobs wannabes, being abusive bosses works only for so long. So shape up. #
  • Boston vs Silicon Valley. #