Going to work today will feel odd because the weather reminds me so much of 2001. Gorgeous blue skies. Not quite summer anymore, but also not yet fall. The weather is one of my strong memories from 2001.

The other memory concerns later in the day. We knew a horrific act of terrorism had been carried out that killed thousands of people. And yet on the Upper West Side where we were living a the time it didn’t feel entirely real as we saw much of it on television. 

I am experiencing that sensation too this morning as I am looking at pictures of destruction brought about by hurricane Irma (following on the heels of images of biblical flooding from Houston and the leveling of Mexican towns by an earthquake). It all feels so extreme and surreal and yet it is the grim reality for millions of people.

So thoughts are with all those who were affected by 9/11 and those whose lives are being upended right now.