Tough Lessons

Dabble did a new round of financing the other day. I participated but I am going off the Dabble board. There are two reasons for that. First, since I am not a Hyde Park Angels member it seems pretty stupid for me to be representing HPA’s investment in the Dabble. My friend Richard Box will take my place and he will be great. The other is our fund takes up most of my mental energy. The companies we invest in via the fund take priority over my personal investments.

Jay Swoboda, the Dabble CEO, wrote a piece in Medium that a lot of entrepreneurs might benefit from reading.

Hopefully, you realize that sharing an active personal experience with someone is a lot better than looking at each other online. It’s deep. It’s human. It’s you and them. It becomes a memory.

If you own a small business what better way become an industry expert or market to new customers than hold a class where someone pays to come to your place of business to learn what you are passionate about.

Dabble had a near fatal experience but through grit and putting aside egos, Jay kept the company alive.