Some Manual Labor

Yesterday, I left Chicago at 4:30am. Drove to St. Paul, MN.  Picked up my IKEA order.  Drove it up north 6 hours to the cabin we are rehabbing.  Unloaded it all and then put it together today.

I am thinking of getting a t-shirt with the name “Schlep” on the back.  I have moved furniture, flooring, cabinets, junk and a myriad of other stuff.  I have done demo, filled potholes on our dirt road with dirt and gravel and built IKEA.


Plus we have had a lot of rain up here so the mosquitoes are hungry.

Doing some manual labor is good for the soul sometimes but it’s sure hard on your back!

Sunday, we will get our electric finished.  The cabin we are rehabbing never had electric.  We get our running water from a spring on the hill.  It’s gonna be great but we have a lot of to do.  I will post some pics when it’s done.  Monday, we get fiber internet!! That will be a game changer.  Just having an electric refrigerator instead of a propane one is huge.

I have been coming here for years.  Always had an appreciation for the “way things used to be” but now that Amazon Prime delivers up here having internet is a must.  Because of our jobs, we need internet too.

Back in Chicago on the 23rd.