A Pretty Cool App

I have a lot of spinning plates in my life right now.  I am rehabbing a place 10 hours away.  I bought a small place in Lincoln Park and I am moving.  All at the same time.  Over the past several years, I have acquired a bunch of storage lockers.  The goal for this summer was to go down to 1.

Yesterday was crazy.  My new Lincoln Park place had a cruddy stove in it. I found a beautiful used Dacor but it was up in Milwaukie.  I rented a trailer in Milwaukie and drove it down to Chicago.  While I was driving, I got an email telling me a person wanted to meet me in Winfield, IL to buy an antique shuffleboard I had been storing.  There is also a lot of outdoor furniture in that locker that is going up north.

This shuffleboard had been in my wife’s at their cabin in Hayward, WI.  We brought it back sometime in the 90’s and I refinished it.  We had it in the basement of our house in Geneva. When we moved in 2003, it went into storage in hopes that I’d have a place for it again.  Alas, no possibilities of that in the near future.

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The day before I knew I was picking up the range.  I needed help lugging it into my apartment.  I had tried to set up a job on Dolly a while ago, but it was really cumbersome.  I didn’t enjoy the experience.  At our storage locker, they had coupons for a company called Schlep.

Schlep is super simple and easy to use.  The entire process went off without a hitch.  I like their UX a lot better than Dolly’s.  It’s also better than other sharing economy job apps for finding movers.

The guys that moved the range were great.  They earned their money.  I was able to get out to Winfield and get rid of my shuffleboard to a family who will give it a great home.

Schlep seemed sort of familiar to me.  The company was well run.  User experience delighted.  The people I spoke with on the phone were easy to work with.  It dawned on me, they were part of the #JuntoTribe.

I am telling you, that emotional intelligence works.  Gonna need a lot of it in the next few days for myself.