Calling All Fin Tech Startups!!!!

My friend and fellow former trader Alan Matthew of Tribal Ventures alerted me to this. It’s a good opportunity for fin tech startups to get some exposure to potential customers.  I don’t think this is a good opportunity to get investors.

But, customers are way more important than investors.

Here is a copy of the announcement.


FIA seeking innovators for Expo 2017
FIA invites all fintech startups to apply to be featured in the Innovators Pavilion at Expo 2017! We are looking for leading edge companies that are creating innovative products and services for any aspect of the global securities and derivatives industry. These innovations can include blockchain, machine learning, big data, cloud computing and social trading.The Innovators Pavilion is an integral part of FIA’s Annual Futures and Options Expo. The FIA Innovators program celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship in financial markets technology. Nearly 40 companies have participated in program since it was launched in 2015. FIA encourages you to share the call with forward-thinking, creative startups to help them raise their visibility and reach their potential. Please forward this email to any company that meets the criteria below:

  • Offers an innovative product or service relevant to derivatives markets
  • Has been in business for no more than five years
  • Can demonstrate a viable business model
  • Can showcase a product or prototype at Expo 2017
  • Has not already been named an FIA Innovator in prior years

Selected companies will be given a TechPod on the Expo show floor to display their products and services. FIA also will host a “Meet the Innovators” competition to spotlight the five most exciting companies within the Pavilion. The winner of this competition will receive more than $20,000 in cash and other resources.

Applications close on August 18, 2017. Selected companies will be named no later than September 13, 2017. For more information, please contact Will Acworth.


The Futures Industry Association conference is held in Chicago in mid-November.  It’s well attended.  I want to note something important.  It’s not just about trading and markets.  For this particular event, it’s about ALL of Fin Tech.  If you have a payment processing platform or some other platform that is targeting fin tech, apply. What have you got to lose?