Assessment of Trump Presidency?

We are rapidly approaching the first half year of Trump’s Presidency. I am genuinely curious whether there is anyone attempting a cogent defense of the record so far. If you have read something you think qualifies, please link to it in the comments. I would also love to see someone go back and ask people, like Peter Thiel, who supported Trump’s candidacy about their assessment of his performance to date.

I just spent a week in Germany leading up to the G20 summit. While the following is a commentary after the summit (and from an Australian journalist), it echoes a sentiment I heard frequently: Trump is embarrassing and isolating the US, giving more room for China and Russia in the world. 

Again: I really would like to listen to or read an opposing view, as long as it is coherent, calm and reasoned. This could be about the as a whole, domestic or foreign policy. So please if you have something worthwhile add it in the comments.