The Superhuman

I had to share this video. Mike Byster is a friend of mine from the trading floor. Originally, he worked on the floor clerking for his cousin Norm Byster (NBB). Norm used to trade em up and Mike counted his cards and kept his position.  Eventually, he started trading and was successful at that.

We had people that didn’t graduate high school on the floor trading next to PhD’s.  It truly was a mishmash.

People think trading was nuts all the time. It wasn’t. Much of the time it was boring. You stood around and waited for something to happen. It was during those times that we used to try and stump Mike. We never did. He can do a math equation faster than you can punch it in and do it on your calculator.

Mike is now teaching young kids his system. He says anyone can learn. He doesn’t get for a lot of the work he does. He started a company called Brainetics

Math was always a challenge for me which is one of the reasons I invested in Brilliant.  Brilliant has an Android and iPhone app you can download for free.  Sue Khim is building a great company there and you can be a part of it.  Better than cruising social media when you are bored.

Just for the hell of it, here is another video. I have never seen him stumped.