Funding Friday: Kickstarter Gold

Our portfolio company Kickstarter launched something cool a couple weeks ago. It is called Kickstarter Gold:

From June 20 through July 31, we’re spotlighting new projects by exciting artists and makers who use Kickstarter to sustain their creative independence.

Why? Because repeat creators are an integral part of the Kickstarter ecosystem. In fact, a third of all pledges to successful projects —over $1 billion since 2009 — go toward projects by creators who have run two, three, four, or even 100+ projects.

We selected Kickstarter Gold creators for their creativity, ingenuity, and success using the platform. They’ll be making new works inspired by their past projects, so backers can discover extra-amazing ideas, plus special rewards that aren’t available anywhere else.

Here are the projects. I just backed a bunch of them. It’s Funding Friday so maybe you might want to do the same.


Albert Wenger —

28, 2017
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