Evolv: Company on a mission to keep people safe from terrorists

Unfortunately, mass casualty threats are the new reality in our world. Today, millions of people are vulnerable to attacks as private facilities, public venues, and the transportation infrastructure have become potential targets. Terrorists in recent past have attacked nightclubs, train stations, shopping centers, and sports stadiums. Our enemies are evolving their techniques, and the job of protecting ordinary civilians has become difficult.

However, living in fear and accepting terrorism as the ‘new normal’ is not OK, and it is not Ok anywhere in the world. Security should be a human right. We must protect human life with all our capabilities, and use of modern sense-and-alert technology is a part of that. It is my belief that the right use of technology can not only prevent, but also deter terrorists. Technology alone may not be enough, but it is a critical part of the solution.

With a simple mission of protecting

Evolv Technology was founded 3 years ago. Lux Capital became a founding investor and I joined the company’s Board of Directors. Today Evolv is sharing news that it has raised a $18M Series B from Lux Capital, Bill Gates, General Catalyst, DCVC, and others to expand its operations, grow revenue, and continue future product development. The world needs a security solution that can adapt in an ever-changing threat landscape, and Evolv exists to answer that call with first-of-its-kind security platform. The company is determined to give law enforcement and security professionals a fighting chance in the face of increased terrorist threats.

It is an honor for me to partner with the folks that make up Evolv Technology. These are people who have dedicated their entire careers to protecting human lives and making our communities safe. Mike Ellenbogen and his team are uniquely qualified to succeed in their mission. Mike’s previous startup, Reveal Imaging, protected airports across the world post 9/11 with latest innovations in baggage screening, and was eventually acquired by SAIC. Evolv’s Board and extended team includes the former head of the Secret Service, former CTO of the TSA, a former White House National Security Advisor, and former head of counter terrorism for the NYPD! It is an extremely distinguished group that sees the value in what Evolv brings with proprietary sensor fusion + machine learning + human-in-the-loop AI.

Evolv’s technology may be one of the most ambitious ideas in physical security in decades, but this team knows how to execute on their vision! They understand security systems and the associated work/people flows. Evolv’s systems are fast, connected, mobile, and affordable. It is time for physical security to enter the modern age, and for security professionals worldwide to get access to Evolv’s systems that protect perimeters as well as entrances into spaces of interest. Let’s use the best-in-class solutions to protect ordinary civilians from local or foreign terrorists, mentally unstable individuals who have access to guns, or criminals. Both as an investor, and a member of the public, I am looking forward to seeing Evolv succeed.

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