Business Cards

Who likes business cards?   Every time I go to a meet up or a function, I come home with pockets full of them.  Usually, I can find people on LinkedIN or someplace else.  I don’t have a good process for them.

A couple of months ago, I was at Detroit Startup Week.  I ran into the guys at  At the event, they’d take all the cards you accumulated and upload them into a database that would sync with your contacts.  Awesome.  I just did that.  The service was extremely fast, and totally simple.  They did it overnight and if you want the cards back they will send them to you.

It’s a little thing, and I should probably take the time to type each card into my database.  But, man sure is convenient.

One of Hyde Park Angels first associates quit being an associate to on his startup.  Bump.  It was a way to bump cell phones and exchange information.  He raised some startup capital and was acquired by Google.  But, Google killed the service.

LinkedIN used to have a service called Card Muncher.  You would take a photo of the business card and it would machine read all the info and upload to your contacts.  It never worked well, and now it’s not in existence.

We are still using business cards, just like they did in the 18th century.