Ray Tomlinson, R.I.P.

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We are at that point in Internet’s lifecycle where we are starting to say goodbye to early pioneers who helped put down the roots for what we take for granted are passing on to the great ether in the sky. This past weekend, I learned from Vint Cerf’s twitter account about the passing of Ray Tomlinson, a computer scientist who figured out how to use the @ symbol as part of a simple email naming convention. However, Tomlinson was more than that. He helped write the first implementations of TCP. He contributed to the Internet, operating systems and other communication+computing applications. There aren’t many like him today. Thank you, Ray for your work now allows us to live our lives with the network!

PS: It is a shame that the same media which doesn’t take 30 seconds to write about unicorns took a whole 36 hours to pay tribute to the man work influences everything we do on the Internet.

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