The New iPad Pro (Part 1)

The new iPad Pro has arrived. 

Many indepth reviews of the device have already been published, so I am going to avoid repeating what they have already said. I am going to instead chronicle my experience of using the iPad Pro as a replacement for my MacBook. My quick observation: 

  • iPad Pro is seriously big device.
  • iPad Pro is seriously fast and it leaves my MacBook in the dust. 
  • iPad Pro is actually not as heavy as the big size would make you think. 
  • iPad Pro isn’t really a “tablet,” and instead it is a category of its own. 

Apart from the usual time it takes for one to restore an iPad from the backup, everything else took about 10 minutes and this includes downloading a few iPad Pro specific apps. I wanted to get everything done before I left home for a week long trip. left the MacBook (12-inch) at home and instead brought the iPad Pro.  Airport Security classifies iPad Pro as a tablet so you don’t have to take it out of your bag, which is not such a bad thing. 

As part of the review unit package, Apple sent me the Pencil and the new Smart Keyboard Cover as well. Both the accessories are excellent and work well with the new device. I am probably not the person who will be a Pencil user, but the keyboard despite some awkwardness is easy to use, and has some tactile feedback for me to write really really fast. The special fabric has a special/weird feel to it, but one gets used to it. Today was a day of responding to emails and catching up with my Facebook, in addition to just catching up on my weekend reading including the New York Times, and all those articles I saved on the new Pocket Beta. I typed enough to get used to the special fabric feel of the keyboard.  I went to the Apple Store in Soho to try out the new Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro — it is clearly better, but it is as heavy as the iPad Pro itself, so I decided to abstain from buying the $169-dollar beauty.  

Reading, in particular was quite enjoyable. I loved how the Times and Reeder feeds look on the megascreen. My aging eyes are grateful, thanks to the screen. Same goes for watching movies on Amazon Video and Netflix. The big screen makes everything come alive in a wonderful way. The new speakers make watching videos even more enjoyable. However, there are some quirks in the device that are furstrating. For instance, folding/unfolding the keyboard is an unwieldy process, and you almost always end up touching the screen. And less than 24 hours of opening the box, the screen is full of smudges.  Similarly, it is hard to watch this device when lying down in bed — which might be a blessing in disguise as this would allow me to sleep without interruptions. I am sure I will find more quirkiness and other software head scratchers, but from an initial impression perspective — iPad Pro is here to stay in my bag. 

New York, November 15, 2015

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