Expanding the Posse…

Over the course of any one fund, we will make a few dozen investment decisions together (a big deal), a couple of hundred “ordinary-course-of-business” decisions (less of a big deal), and debate thousands of other issues (many are often quickly forgetten) – but we will only make a few personnel decisions (a really big deal). So it is with great excitement that we welcome Jason Sibley as a Principal to the firm.

Jason is passionate about the transformation of healthcare first and foremost. Sure, he is super smart. And of course he has a great depth of investment experience, which is nice, but what we were all so struck by was his fascination with how the business of healthcare is being reinvented. Jason comes to us from GE Ventures, one of our most important partners, which is staffed by some of the most talented healthcare investors out there. GE

enjoys a privileged relationship with GE Healthcare, which is a $20 billion business for GE and has deep customer relationships with virtually every healthcare institution around the world. GE Ventures is led by Sue Siegel, who also sits on Flare’s Industry Advisory Board and is a close friend of the firm.

But that is not all.

We are also excited to announce the Flare Scholar program, which is an initiative to add a set of young professionals from great graduate schools and important leading healthcare companies to our team. Our Scholars will be offered a court-side seat to the world of venture capital, principally assisting us in identifying great young entrepreneurial talent – people who are looking to be in the healthcare technology industry. We also expect that our Scholars will be helpful in thinking through industry trends and may even work with some of our portfolio companies.

Stay tuned for more as we expand the Flare posse…