Startup Time-to-Profitability Calculator


A couple of months back I wrote a piece called “The Startup Martian,” and asked founders “Can You Get There on What You Got?”

PG recently wrote a related piece, Default Alive or Default Dead, that referenced an awesome little web tool that I’m going to be using in every angel meeting I ever do again called the “Startup Growth Calculator (which here I’ve set at $30,000 a month in costs, $1,000 a month in revenue and 20% m/o/m growth — 1.5 years to profitability!”

I do these calculations in my head instantly when talking to founders by asking them a series of questions in our meetings:

  1. “how many people do you need to build an maintain the product?” then…

  2. “How much are you going to charge for the product?” then…

  3. “How many customers do you think you’ll have the end year one… and two?”

Now I can just direct people to this simple page — brilliant!