Social Media Takes Television Back in Time

Social Media Takes Television Back in Time: Farhad Manjoo:

The emergence of social TV hits like “Scandal” suggests how, over the next few years, technology could transform television into something more than a one-way, disconnected, time-shifted experience. It’s not just that today’s shows are better, that we are in a “golden age” — or what some critics have upgraded to a “platinum age” — of TV. Instead, largely because of social media, TV is becoming an interactive, communal experience. And in an unexpected throwback to the earliest days of television, the best stuff, rather than playing out whenever we like, is best experienced live, because that’s when everyone else is watching, too.

Indeed, that’s happening now: For some “Scandal” devotees, Twitter has become a vital part of the show; watching “Scandal” without following tweets about “Scandal” is a lesser experience, like watching it in black-and-white, or on mute.

I’ve thought that there was a good, natural way to utilize services like Twitter to incentivize live, or communal, viewing.