In Kentucky

My wife had an event in Indianapolis, Indiana that she had to attend.  We drove to Indy, and decided not to head straight back to Chicago.  When ever we had driven south on I-65, I had always seen signs for the Bourbon Trail.  I always wanted to do it and now seemed like the perfect time.

Yesterday we toured Barton Distillery.  It was pretty neat.  The air was pretty putrid.  The wind was right, and the odor of the waste water from making bourbon was blowing our way.  It also didn’t help that there was rain.

If you haven’t been to Kentucky you should make a trip.  Driving from Louisville to Lexington is painless. We are driving around back roads and the countryside is beautiful.  You can see why Stephen Foster wrote My Old Kentucky Home.  We wound up in Frankfort and on Foursquare/Yelp we found a place called Capitol .  We popped in. I had my Illini jacket on and an older couple asked if I went there. It turned out, they had met at Illinois and both graduated in 1964. We bought some wine and shared a bottle with them. More people came, and they bought wine and we wound up going to dinner with them.

The owner of the place has created a pretty cool community.  There were people everywhere.  She hails from Madison, Wisconsin, and is a Packer fan.  Her place is a certified Packer outpost. We had a good laugh about the Bears and Packers.

Oh shit. They are everywhere

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Ironically, Kentucky has a pretty rough public pension problem. It’s not as bad as Illinois, New Jersey, or California but it’s bad. One way to solve it is really put some effort into this Bourbon Trail thing. Make it like Napa Valley. Between Horses, Bourbon, Bluegrass, and Farm to Table, they might have something.

Today we are headed out to a few more distilleries and a thoroughbread farm. Then into Louisville and back to Chicago on Sunday.