Last week, our newest portfolio company Clue announced that it had raised a Series A round from USV and Mosaic. Co-Founder and CEO Ida Tin‘s blog post is here. My partner Albert’s post on why we invested in Clue is here.

There’s an interesting backstory here and I thought it might be useful to tell it.

A few years ago our oldest daughter told the Gotham Gal that she was using this mobile app called Clue to track her cycle and related health data and she loved it. She recommended it to her.  So the Gotham Gal took notice and ended up participating in Clue’s angel round. So our family has been a user (first) and then an investor in Clue for a few years now.

I got wind of this sometime later and asked the Gotham Gal why she picked Clue in a field with a number of strong competitors. She responded “in this market I’m backing a woman and Ida is exactly they kind of person who should be running a company like this.” That shut me up and ever since then I’ve been rooting for Clue.

Earlier this year USV did a roundup of all the interesting things we’ve seen in health care apps and Clue was on the list. I was mindful of my conflict of interest but did mention that I thought Clue would be raising a Series A this summer. Albert jumped on that and the result was our investment in Clue’s Series A.

If you believe, as I do and as USV does, that the mobile phone is the new EMR, then I can’t think of any better example of that than Clue. Women use it to track their cycle and their fertility and a whole lot more. I have not yet met a woman who uses Clue that doesn’t love it.

Ida says it best in her post:

Millions of people across all cultures are using Clue. With every single data point a user enters, we are moving the world toward an educated, informed and empowered future – for our users and their partners and families, for mothers and daughters and sisters, for doctors and patients.

I am super excited that USV and that our family are investors in (and users of) Clue. It’s a great app and a great company.