Bring Telstar Back To NYC

Next month the New York Historical Society is launching Silicon City, a historical retrospective about NYC’s contribution to the electronic/digital era. I’m super excited to see the show and have been involved a bit on the research effort that the society has been doing on it.

As part of this exhibition, they want to bring Telstar, the first commercial satellite, back to NYC where it was exhibited at the 1964 World’s Fair.

So as part of the Silicon City effort, the New York Historical Society has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring Telstar back to NYC. The cost to do it is roughly $10,000 and that’s what they are raising in this project. There are all sorts of fun rewards including admission to the exhibition or an invitation to attend the VIP opening party.

Here’s the project video.

I hope all you New Yorkers out there join me in backing this project and attending the show when it launches next month.