A Textbook Case on Organized Internet Lynching

One of the dangers of the the social internet is the potential to destroy someone. We have seen it with liberals attacking conservatives over issues. But, rarely have we seen it when one group attacks itself.
The Wall Street Journal has an editorial today about how a person at the Brookings Institution think tank was deliberately attacked by Senator Elizabeth Warren. What’s pretty clear is that it was organized behind the scenes and launched. It wasn’t random.

You might have read about thought police in science fiction. They aren’t science fiction anymore.

What was his crime? Using cost-benefit analysis, Robert Litan found that during a market downturn, the regulations advocated by Senator Warren would potentially cost regular investors (Not wealthy) billions of dollars.

Ironically, most clear eyed level headed people recommend cost/benefit analysis for regulation, as long as it is hypothesis tested without confirmation bias. Regulations cost money because they freedom and change standards. But, sometimes society has an interest in that so the higher cost is worth it.

Within an hour of the organized attack by Senator Warren, Mr. Litan lost his job.

This is the danger of the social internet. It has awesome power to spread information and help people make better decisions. It helps people connect. It can help coordinate assets efficiently. But, in the wrong hands it can destroy people for simply exercising independent thinking. Independent thinking is what creates innovation.

Senator Warren must worship at the alter of Senator Joe McCarthy. Because that is the kind of politics she practices.