The Obama Economic Miracle

Backers of the President like to point out this chart as the definitive one.
SPY Chart

SPY data by YCharts

All well and good. The real damage in the stock market had been done before Obama took office. As we look to a Federal Reserve meeting tomorrow, let’s remember interest rates have been 0% for Obama’s entire term. Interest rates are the cost of money. If money is free, you’d expect a lot of economic expansion and GDP increase too since companies could borrow and build on the cheap. Here is a chart of GDP in the same period.
US Real GDP Growth Chart

US Real GDP Growth data by YCharts

GDP has been anemic and uneven. It’s taken almost 8 years, but business investment is finally about normal.
US Domestic Business Gross Domestic Investment Chart

US Domestic Business Gross Domestic Investment data by YCharts

But, I think these are the charts that matter to individual American citizens. These are the ones that they

every single day. For them, the Obama Economic Miracle has been a disaster. All the Democrats offer more lookalike policies or worse policies than Obama.

Which Republican presidential candidate will seize the day and figure out how to put the data into an emotional appeal that regular Joe’s can relate to? Tell me that, and that’s the one who will win.