NFL and Snapchat to Produce Weekly Video Content

Associated Press

The National Football League and Snapchat say they plan on working together to produce an original video during each week of the NFL season, which kicked off last week.

The new partnership is focused on Snapchat’s Live Story product, which typically consists of spliced-together videos shot by Snapchat users centered around big events like national holidays or Fashion Week.

In this case, the league and Snapchat plan on making Live Stories that include both fan-produced videos and videos from live games shot specifically for Snapchat by the NFL. The videos will not include footage from the NFL’s broadcast partners.

The first NFL live story on Snapchat actually went live this past weekend during the league’s opening slate of games. The second NFL-Snapchat collaboration will be posted sometime Thursday, coinciding with the game between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

While the initial NFL Live story did not carry ads, the is to weave in short video ads for these stories later in the season, said Blake Stuchin, the NFL’s director of digital media business development. Mr. Stuchin said that the NFL and Snapchat are selling these ad opportunities together, and will share the ad revenue. He declined to share how many people watched the first Snapchat Live Story, saying only that it was viewed by “millions of people.”

The NFL is well known in the media world for trying to parse out rights to its highly valued content to as many partners as possible, while maximizing potential revenue. Lately, the NFL has been focused on distributing content in social media, including launching its first YouTube channel and extending a deal to deliver short game highlights via Twitter (though the league did recently let a video distribution test with Facebook run its course).

However, in this case the league isn’t looking to make another few dollars on its broadcast rights, but rather trying to appeal to a new generation of fans with unique content that is very much tailored to Snapchat.

“We take a strategic approach to how we deploy our rights,” said Mr. Stuchin. “In this case, this is uniquely produced for Snapchat, and it should showcase what it’s really like to be at an NFL game…and one benefit of that is hopefully showing people the best way to enjoy the NFL is to get out to the stadium.”