NewsCred Nabs $42 Million to Help Marketers Act as Publishers

NewsCred CEO and co-founder Shafqat Islam.

NewsCred Inc. has raised $42 million to help marketers plan, create, distribute and then measure the results of the content that they publish on their own.

Founded in 2008, NewsCred was known earlier for its marketplace that connects companies to writers with a background in journalism willing to take work as brand promoters for the right price. NewsCred guaranteed writers something in the range of $350 to $1,000 per article.

While the marketplace remains part of NewsCred’s business, the New York-based startup now gives marketers tools to help them target customers online and measure the effect of their efforts in content.

NewsCred CEO and co-founder Shafqat Islam said the company’s Audience Insights tool lets marketers measure more than page views and sharing. It gives them details about who is viewing their branded content, on which channels, down to the viewers’ location, employer and job title.

CEO said, “If 200,000 people read my blog this month, I’d ask so is that good or bad?” Given more granular details, marketers can understand who they are reaching and not, and how to tweak their content to keep existing customers engaged while reaching new prospects.

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