“I didn’t dare say anything prior to six months.”

“I didn’t dare say anything prior to six months.”: Jennifer Reingold on what Angela Ahrendts has been up to at Apple: 

Says Marc Heller, who runs consultancy RetailSails: “My struggle with understanding what she does is I don’t know where her imprint is, other than the obvious.”

This was by design. “I didn’t dare say anything prior to six months,” Ahrendts says. “My dad used to tell me, growing up [citing Abraham Lincoln], ‘It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and relieve them of all doubt.’ So I kept remembering that and chose not to overcommunicate.” In the meantime, she embarked on a Hillary Clinton–style listening tour, visiting more than 100 stores, call centers, and back offices so far, answering questions, hearing complaints, and bestowing her infectious energy and empathy on employees. (You could call her chief emotive officer.)

Great quote (and mindset). While outward signs are only starting to trickle out now, one thing seems pretty clear: people inside Apple love Angela Ahrendts.