The ‘Cloud-Native’ Landscape

Over the last
several years, we’ve seen the emergence new application architecture – dubbed
“cloud native” – that is highly distributed, elastic and composable with the
container as the modular compute abstraction. With that, a new breed of tools
has emerged to help deploy, manage and scale these applications. Cluster
management, service discovery, scheduling, etc. – terms that previously were
unknown or, at best, reserved for the realm of high-performance computing – are
now becoming part of every IT organization’s lexicon. As the pace of innovation
continues at breakneck speed, a taxonomy to help understand the elements of
this new stack is helpful.

The “Cloud-Native”
Ecosystem presentation is the consequence of many conversations with
developers, CIOs and founders who are playing a critical role in shaping this
new application paradigm. It attempts to define the discreet components of the
cloud-native stack and calls out the vendors, products and projects that
the ecosystem.

Note, this is an
ever-evolving document that’s meant to be collaborative and is by no means a
hardened or exhaustive industry landscape. If you have suggestions, edits
and/or know of products or companies that should be included please don’t
hesitate to get in touch.