New Apple TV Coming In Under $200

New Apple TV Coming In Under $200: Mark Gurman:

With the official debut of the next-generation Apple TV less than two weeks away, sources have provided additional details on Apple’s pricing, availability, and product lineup plans for its set-top devices. According to sources, the fourth-generation Apple TV will be priced below $200, and is on track to become available in October. Apple executives are apparently still finalizing the price of the revamped living room device, but the latest options call for a starting price point of either $149 or $199, both higher than the third-generation Apple TV…

Cue the “price is too damn high” complaints. But if this thing is as robust as rumored, I think it will be a steal. 

As a streaming puck with access to all the services the other $30-$99 pucks/sticks out there have, $199 is expensive. As a streaming puck plus a real living gaming system, $199 is cheap. 

Xbox One is $349. Playstation 4 is $399. Even the Wii U is $299. And with that, cue the “THIS IS NOWHERE NEAR AS POWERFUL AS A XBONE!!!!” trolling. We’ll see.

Yes, some of the others pucks offer gaming as well. But not like this, is my bet.