1998 — 1999 are Calling and They Want their Wild Abandon Back!

I love Tesla, and am a huge fan of Elon Musk (a former client from my lawyer days).

But, reading this in a place like the FT (as opposed to (the long defunct) "Industry Standard", as well as "Upside", "Red Herring", "Wired") made the hair on the back of my neck stand up in alarm — I thought I was having LSD flashbacks to 1998 – 1999, when statements like these (this one from today's FT) were thrown about with abandon:

  "Still, if you try to be rational, you are missing a big point in Mr Musk’s favour. Silicon Valley is currently obsessed with cars. More than that, those who mutter about the lessons of the last dotcom crash could be missing out on the next Amazon. If you had written off Jeff Bezos’ hubris, you would have missed one of the great investments of our age. You buy Tesla today so that in years to come, you can say you were there."