Hello from Redpoint


A pause from
our regularly scheduled programming to announce that I’m thrilled to have
joined Redpoint
as a Principal
in their early stage group. The move is a homecoming for me – I was raised in
the South Bay and went to college in Berkeley (Go Bears!) before shipping out east
for a little over five years – and I can’t be more excited to be back!

When I began
the conversation with the team at Redpoint, I was already familiar with the
firm’s track record with them having backed multiple category-defining
companies from A(rista) to Z(uora) with everything including Juniper Networks, Netflix,
Pure Storage, Stripe, Twilio and many more in between. But track record in VC is
derivative – it’s a byproduct of the people and culture of the firm – and the
more I got to know the team and their inner-workings, I found a firm in
everything it does, is wholly committed to the entrepreneur and helping them
build next generation’s great companies. In that, Redpoint is a highly
collaborative, tight-knit group that places an emphasis on openness, agility
and intellectual honesty and curiosity. Finally, the same level of mentorship
and commitment the firm devotes to its entrepreneurs extends to everyone around
the table. Venture is an apprenticeship-based business that’s mastered over
many years, so it speaks volumes that many of the firm’s Partners started as
Associates. All in all, when you put everything together, it couldn’t be a
better fit.

Prior to
Redpoint, I spent the better part of five years – less a two year sabbatical to
grab an MBA – cutting my teeth as an early stage investor with RRE
in New York.
At RRE, I was afforded the opportunity to help build the firm’s enterprise
platform and in doing so was fortunate to back incredible companies like Datadog and WhipTail and work with some profoundly talented
founders. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the folks at RRE who challenged me
to push my thinking and develop a strong perspective as a young VC, and I can’t
say enough positive things about the team there as investors, and more
importantly, people.

At Redpoint I’ll be working
alongside Scott, Satish, John, Tim and Tomasz in the enterprise group, helping technical
founders push the boundaries of IT in building the next wave of great cloud and
data infrastructure, developer tools, SaaS and security companies. Put simply,
the opportunity set in these sectors has never been more promising as there are
fundamental changes taking place in, literally, every part of the stack: infrastructure
is evolving to mirror an emerging application architecture which is
distributed, elastic and highly available made necessary to support the scale
of what will be billions of connected users and hundreds of billions of
connected devices. With that said, you can find more detailed thoughts on these
emerging trends on my blog, and follow me @lennypruss if you’re willing to put
up with the occasional Sharks hockey rant. Looking forward to connecting with
and getting to know you all – it should be a blast!