“Unfortunately, it’s not much more than that.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not much more than that.”:

Dieter Bohn reviewing the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge:

As long as I’m talking about the screen, let’s talk about the Galaxy S6 Edge, whose distinguishing feature is a screen that curves around two sides. We’re not reviewing it separately because it is, for nearly all intents and purposes, the exact same phone as the regular S6. In fact, the only intent and purpose that really matters for the Edge is marketing: it’s just an incredibly cool-looking phone that’s sure to draw people into the store. It’s an example of Samsung’s engineering abilities and the kind of thing that will wow your friends at the bar for a minute or two.

Unfortunately, it’s not much more than that.

Sounds like an improvement overall from the gimmick-laden S4 and plastic-y S5, but Samsung still cannot quite seem to layoff the flourishes that add nothing but cost. 

It’s really sort of odd that they cannot seem to come up with a useful new feature on their own. At this point, with all the experimentation, you’d think they’d stumble into one by accident, if nothing else.