The Robot Factory & Digital Toys

Just a few days ago, Tinybop, the Brooklyn-based children’s app studio and RRE portfolio company, launched their latest creation, The Robot Factory. For those of you who don’t know, Tinybop is developing a magical constellation of apps for kids that is global, timeless and universal. The company’s goal is to create a global media brand that teaches kids in 150+ countries about the world through play, exploration and self-expression. Their fourth app, The Robot Factory, enables kids to build any robot imaginable from 50+ parts, test their cyborgs in a virtual world, and then proudly display their creations in a digital trophy case.  The purpose of the app is to let kids imaginations run wild and engage in open ended play.  The Robot Factor is the first app in Tinybop’s Digital Toy series.

Raul Gutierrez
, Founder of Tinybop, recently wrote about empowering kids to create and explore.  He “the apps in Digital Toys are digital construction sets designed to help kids give form to their imaginations…The best toys (when I was a kid) —Tinkertoys, Play-Doh, Lincoln Logs — allowed us to build and rebuild almost endlessly.” That’s essentially the goal behind The Robot Factory. Last night, I played with the app for over an hour and couldn’t put it down. As soon as I opened the Robot Factory and saw the opening animation, it was evident how much thought, attention to detail, and passion Tinybop put into building such a fun and engaging experience for kids everywhere. You can read more about how the app was made here and you’ll quickly see that it is a labor of love. 

While the Robot Factory has been live for only twenty for hours, the early results and reviews have been promising — nearly every review has been five stars, Apple has featured the app on the App Store homepage, and the press has raved about the design and overall experience. Most exciting of all, tens of thousands of robots have already been created in more than 100 countries.  It’s just the beginning for The Robot Factory so I’m excited to see how Raul and the team will evolve their first digital toy in the coming months.  If you have ten minutes over the weekend, I encourage you to download the app, channel your inner child and engineer, and build some amazingly cool and weird robots. I promise you’ll have a blast and you’ll feel like a kid again. You won’t regret it. 

I’ll leave you with a video produced by Tinybop that asked kids answer the simple question, “What kind of robot will you build?” Happy building!