RadioShack Reborn As ChotchkieShack

RadioShack Reborn As ChotchkieShack:

Hiroko Tabuchi on RadioShack’s plan for coming out of bankruptcy:

RadioShack will slim down to become an electronics convenience store of sorts, focusing on things like Bluetooth headsets, chargers and other accessories that shoppers may need immediately rather than waiting a day or two for shipment of a web order. One of the most profitable RadioShack stores is a Bridgehampton, N.Y., outlet that is frequented by weekend vacationers who have forgotten their smartphone chargers or earphones. And one of RadioShack’s top-selling products is hearing aid batteries.

Tablets, laptops and digital cameras will disappear from RadioShack stores, and mobile phone sales and services will be handled by its new partner, Sprint, all of which affects just 7 percent of RadioShack’s sales. Remaining product lines will also shrink, to 60 headphones from about 180, for example, and to just one fitness wristband from 34.

Shrinking offerings down seems smart, but they’re focusing on chotchkies rather than quality. In other words, pretty much the exact opposite of what I thought they should do.