Nintendo As A Service

Nintendo As A Service:

Kyle Russell:

Instead, Nintendo seems to have gotten more conservative with its Virtual Console strategy over time, not more aggressive. On top of limited launches, there are also fewer games available for emulation through official means now than there were on the original Wii, which received 20 more titles from the Nintendo 64 than the Wii U. There are also odd limitations with regard to which consoles get to play which older games: for some reason, Nintendo has opted to make Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance games unavailable for the 3DS despite its more-than-capable hardware. And if you buy a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System for your Wii U and then decide you want to play it on the go, you have to repurchase it from the 3DS eShop — games are tied to your console, not your Nintendo Network ID.

Yeah, Nintendo has entire system completely backwards. They should be doubling-down on making their old, classic IP as accessible as possible – at the very least on their own hardware, if not elsewhere. Perhaps that should even be the focus of the company right now.