Meet Our Friend Sarah

It has been a pretty wild ride since our little landing page for hit the Internet on January 1st. The response has been rewarding, the encouragement has been appreciated and the caliber of companies who’ve expressed interest in being a part of our little experiment has been exceptional. 

That said, up until now we’ve been riding solo. Which is exciting and thrilling and… enlightening. It has allowed us to see first hand what this little experiment has the potential to become. It has also highlighted the fact that we are going to need some help making sure we can deliver on its promise. 

So, we’re bringing on a co-pilot for this wild ride. 

Meet Sarah

We’ve know Sarah Milstein for years, beginning with her work at O’Reilly Media and again as she moved on to co-chair the Web 2.0 Expo as a part the TechWeb team. Then we cheered her on from the sidelines as she cofounded Lean Startup Productions (LSP) with her business partner Eric Ries. 

Behind the scenes, she’s been an informal advisor and sounding board for the project from the beginning. Her feedback has been substantive and her experience bootstrapping LSP to profitability has provided a highly valuable perspective as someone walking the talk. As a vocal advocate of race and gender issues in technology, she’s provided a distinct point of view woefully lacking around many tables where investment decisions are made. 

Given her other obligations, she’ll be joining us on a part time basis as VP of Programs for She’ll be creating and executing the training and programming side of all things Given the pioneering work she has been doing with Lean Startup Productions, we’re confident she’ll be able to deliver high impact programing for our participating companies. As part of our arrangement we’ll also be making all of Sarah’s amazing work available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license for anyone to use, remix or build upon. 

So, join me I welcoming Sarah on board. We couldn’t ask for a better co-pilot to join us on this wild ride.

PS- if you haven’t heard from her yet, you probably will. If you don’t hear from her, but feel you have something to add to the programing she’s putting together, please reach out.