LinkedIn Acquires Refresh Contact-Intelligence App

Professional networking site LinkedIn Corp. said Thursday it acquired Refresh, three-year-old maker of a mobile app that compiles a dossier of the user’s contacts based on publicly available data from Facebook Inc., Twitter and other services.

Terms were not disclosed.

The Refresh app will fold April 15 and no longer will accept new users.

A popular meeting preparation tool, the app compiles data from social media accounts, photos and other public data online as well as users’ email, calendar and notes to aggregate details about a particular person.

LinkedIn has a competing standalone app called Connections. The company is exploring a variety of ways to incorporate Refresh’s technology, which may include weaving it into the Connections app or delivering its output on LinkedIn’s website, a LinkedIn spokesman said.

Refresh, founded by CEO Bhavin Shah and CTO Paul Tyma, raised about $10 million from early stage investors including Haystack, Foundation Capital CRV and Redpoint Ventures. Shah came up with the idea after seeing the exhaustive briefing books used by U.S, government officials during a 2004 stint doing contract work for the United States Department of Health and Human Services in Afghanistan.

Twelve of Refresh’s 15 employees are expected to report to LinkedIn’s Mountain View offices next week.