“I was pretty focused on myself.”

“I was pretty focused on myself.”:

Jon Hamm, looking back on Don Draper’s famous Carousel pitch from “The Wheel” episode in Mad Men’s first season:

“It was the end of the first season, and the show hadn’t been picked up [for Season 2]. We didn’t know if anybody was going to watch it. We wondered if that was going to be the end of the series. It’s an important moment in the development of the character, where people go, ‘Oh, this guy’s not just a sweet-talking guy in a fancy suit. He’s a soulful person.’ It was beautifully shot. We didn’t really want to use a working slide projector, they’re crazy noisy, so we had some digital thing. But the slides looked wrong somehow. We had to fix that and make them smudgy. At some point we ended up just running the slide projector in the room. I don’t know [how people were reacting to the speech]. I wasn’t exactly running back to the monitors, seeing how every line was landing. I was pretty focused on myself.”