An Invisible Device

An Invisible Device:

Abdel Ibrahim:

Which leads me to think: Are apps really the future of Apple Watch?

At this moment, I don’t feel that way. Instead, I see the future of Apple Watch as a product that demonstrates a masterful, seamless aptitude for authenticating our existence to corresponding terminals and locks. Sure, you may need an “app” with your login info to have some of that happen, but actually needing to expend any energy or attention interacting with it seems backwards. If the idea is to remove friction, then part of that mandates at least some removal of the need to touch the display. In fact, the way Apple Pay works on iPhone now is exactly how I’d want all my authentication to work: On iPhone 6, you don’t need to wake up your phone or open any apps. You just raise your phone to the terminal and card shows up. Then you touch your finger to TouchID, it reads your print, and you’re done. That’s the equivalent of one tap. Much more than that, and you’re looking at more hassle than convenience.

An interesting riff off of my thoughts about Apple Watch vs. Disney’s MagicBand. It’s an interesting notion: the idea of an “invisible” device that seemingly makes magic happen.