The Many Temptations of

Every. Single. Day.

That’s how often an email hits my inbox or an @ reply is sent on twitter or a comment is made in the Slack channel with advice, instruction or demands that be something more.

More money.

More companies.

More terms.

More products.

Often, it is coming from of our biggest cheerleaders. Most of it is well intentioned. All of them have caught a vision for what this little experiment could possibly become. They use exciting words like disruptive, innovative even revolutionary.

It’s very very tempting to get caught up in this kind of talk. We’re certainly encouraged by the response so far and see a number of different dials we’d like to tweak should we decide to iterate on it again.

For now, we’ve been very conscious not to use any of those exciting terms to describe what we’re doing. And we’re trying our hardest to keep the spirit of the experiment as simple and no-frills as possible.

But the temptations to do “more” are many.

As with any product, there will be plenty of opportunities to tweak, add or enhance things down the road. But for now the focus is in on staying true to our intent and keeping it simple for anyone evaluating to assess.

Which is much harder to do than it sounds.

It’s so tempting to do, and say yes to, so. much. more.

But not now. 

Now, we’re saying no to those many temptations to do more.