The LAUNCH Incubator: Round Two!

[ tl;dr: I want you to Apply to the LAUNCH Incubator ]

Seven companies from my incubator debuted at the LAUNCH Festival last week to a massive crush of consumer and investor interest.

The “Magnificent Seven” (M7) beat out 150+ applicants to spend 12 grueling weeks with me in The LAUNCH Incubator. Every week they came in for a four-hour session where they presented their progress and got brutally candid and invaluable insights from the world’s greatest founders & investors. 

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Every company received $25,000 on the way in the door, followed by another $225,000 from my fund and my LAUNCH syndicate. One VC who saw the companies early offered to match our $250,000 in the seven companies — after meeting with the M7 for two hours. He said it was the best class of incubator companies he had ever seen.

[ Note: if you are an accredited investor, you can angel invest alongside me in these incubator companies at reasonable valuations. If you’re not rich, well, the government says you’re too naive to invest in startups — but that might change! ]

In the second week of April we will start our Spring incubator with the “next M7” and I’m wondering if you have what it takes. Or maybe you know someone who does, and you can forward this to them.

What Founders Are Saying

Only apply to the LAUNCH Incubator if you want to get Jedi-level presentation training, get a “yes” from every angel investor you talk to, attract a world-class team, build a world-class product and get expert feedback on your product from Jason’s amazing weekly special guests… More
Brian Alvey, Recurrency

Each week, we started class by “getting naked” – pitching in a tiny room with a titan of industry five feet from your face. Yes, your heart is pounding. Then they give it to you straight. I’ll go ahead and say you can’t put a monetary value on this type of feedback. You just can’t. Invaluable. Requested changed by 50% and our design UI UX changed by 95%, all in less than 90 days. Anyone in a startup out there, the modifications that we did through this program will take you six to nine months. More
Sonny Mayugba, Requested

To the other six start-ups in Jason Calacanis’s Incubator, we were an anomaly. Why would a ‘successful’ company like Red Tricycle, with over a million users and a couple million dollars in revenue, need an incubator? We already had a product, knew about growth hacking, and had pitched investors and successfully raised money. More
Jacqui Boland, Red Tricycle

I cannot overstate how grueling but useful it was to stand up in front of people you respect and pitch to them every week. Throughout the 12-week process, Jason made sure all his guests gave each of the seven companies the feedback they deserved — whether it was complimentary or not. More
Ryan Sheffer, Momunt

Getting real-time feedback on our product from Steve Huffman (co-founder of Reddit and Hipmunk) was like getting a guitar lesson from Jimmy Page … Each week is a new adventure as each guest has various backgrounds in the industry. You will be put through the firing range of some of the heaviest hitters in the industry. People that have grown companies to millions of active users will be giving you unabated feedback on your product. Get’cher popcorn ready. More
Jordan Stone, Huckle

I loved my 12 weeks in the Launch Incubator, so much so that I did not want it to end. Jason and his amazing team understand what works for getting your product all glammed up and investor-ready. And Jason is one of the best pitch doctors around. It’s one of his many superpowers. His feedback and advice is what sets this program apart. He gives you the truth, no egomaniac baloney, just straight talk on how to make your company better. And the peer environment was wonderful. Everyone was rooting for one another and I got to know some amazing founders that I now call friends. More 
Jill Bourque, RushTix

It’s an incredible life-changing and company-changing experience. You will come out of the incubator with a vastly improved product, a crystal clear pitch, feedback & advice from the top minds in Silicon Valley and an incredible group of peers. Give it a shot!” More
Jason Demant, Bento

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