Sometimes You Lead, Sometimes You Follow

In venture capital, most of the time it is best to be in front.  Be ahead of the curve and the herd.  That’s where the real money is made.  But, you can’t know everything about everything and so sometimes you look for cues from trusted friends and advisors before you get into a deal.

In a different arena yesterday, my friend Boysie Bollinger lead.  Someday, I hope to follow.

Boysie made a large gift. If you have the means and can make a big gift, by all means do it. Everyone else can all follow in a small way.  That sort of mimics World War Two.  There were some big pivotal battles.  But, every day, every person in America contributed in some way to winning the war and changing the world.  Some in factories.  Some at a canteen in Nebraska.  Some on a farm.  Some behind the lines making sure the operations of the army took care of those up in front.  It wasn’t a singular effort.  It was all of us.

If you have never been to the museum in New Orleans, you need to go and book a trip there.  If you have a person of WW2 vintage in your family that can still travel, bring them.  I have seen first hand how the museum connects families.  Great grandparents open up about memories that they have never talked about.  Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren learn more about them, and the history that they lived through.  If your WW2 vintage family member has passed away, honor them here.  But, still head down to the Big Easy and stop by the museum.  You will learn more about them than you ever knew before.  You will learn a lot about yourself too.