Quantopian Open

Quantopian announced yesterday the results of their first monthly Quantopian Open contest.  The contest allows participants to submit their best algorithmic trading strategies to compete against each other.  The owner of the best performing algorithm for the month wins the opportunity to run a $100,000 account with their winning algorithm on Quantopian’s dime and keep all the profits. Each month, a new contest will start, with a new monthly winner.

The first winner is Grant Kiehne, an Optical Engineer whose day job is working for Northrop Grumman in Connecticut.  Here’s the performance analysis on Grant’s winning algorithm, and this is his Quantopian profile where you can see his active participation in the community Quantopian fosters.

The race was quite close, with Grant nudging into first place on the final day of trading. You can explore the full leaderboard for the first contest, and clicking on each user’s name will reveal performance stats for their algorithm. The methodology/code of each algo remains secret for all users.

I’m biased (#investor), but I think this contest is a very cool story that exemplifies the burgeoning community at Quantopian. Pando has a great write up which goes into more detail.