No Comment

All of three of you seemed to notice that my new blog design is missing comments.  That’s because it was rare that any more than three people ever commented on my blog in the first place.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I wanted feedback.  I love feedback, but most of the feedback wasn’t happening in the comments.  It was happening by e-mail and on Twitter.  So, I’d occasionally get a comment or two… and once in a blue moon I’d get like eight.  

In over a decade of blogging, I’ve never found a consistent writing schedule.  I write like I do now, finding twenty minutes here and there in between meetings, and then I rush off to something.  So, if I get comments, I can’t seem to prioritize responding to them sooner than two days later.  

On Twitter, however, I’m very responsive…. so Twitter has always been a much better way to interact with me around my blog anyway.  It’s probably where I get most of my traffic as well.  I still get a lot of e-mail subscribers as well, and they just hit reply.

So, I decided, in an effort to clean up all of the superfluous design elements from my blog, that I wasn’t going to carry over my Disqus comments.  I never go back to them and they weren’t much of a community.  I’m happy to engage around any aspect of my blog in public on Twitter or by e-mail, but I won’t be doing it through a comments feature anymore.  It’s a time and effort thing, and a quality bar.  

Also, you’re welcome to disagree on your own blog.  🙂