Hack the Environment(al Data)

I have long been writing about climate change on Continuations. Mostly it has been about more evidence with the occasional call to action. Today is such a call if you live in London: Our portfolio companies AMEE and Twilio together with IBM, CapGemini and others are organizing an Environmental Data Hack Weekend this coming weekend.

Climate change is showing up in data everywhere. But many of the data sets are dispersed and not easily accessible. The Environmental Data Exchange was built by Digital Catapult and AMEE to bring together disparate datasets and make them more easily accessible. The goal of the Data Hack Weekend is to test out this new platform and build interesting applications on top of it.

I believe that as more people are exposed to the data that is already available and more data becomes available it will continue to raise awareness of how grave the situation already is. One example here in the US is the ongoing California drought that is turning into a major water emergency.

So, dear friends in London who care about this: go and join the Environmental Data Hack Weekend