a16z Podcast: Security’s Painful Prominence and Why There is No Turning Back – With Marc Andreessen


Cyber attacks are growing in number and impact, and the reason is simple: there’s more of value to steal in our increasingly virtual world. But despite the real risk and real pain of cyber attacks we won’t go backwards — we have no choice but to move forward, says Marc Andreessen. “The reason we don’t have a choice is there’s too much value in the virtual world,” Andreessen says. Smartphones, the internet, Snapchat, pick your favorite device, app, or service, and ask yourself what (if anything) you would be willing to give up. Not much right?

If you believe that we will continue to move forward along this connected path as a culture and as businesses, the question is how? In this segment of the podcast Andreessen tackles that question against the backdrop of Edward Snowden, the rise of trillions of more devices coming online as part of the Internet of Things, and the specter of ever more sophisticated hackers.