Vacation Reading

We will be going on family ski vacation, so there will likely be no new posts until week after next. In the meantime though here are the books that I am bringing with me:

  • The Peripheral by William Gibson. I am a huge William Gibson fan in particular Pattern Recognition and of course Neuromancer.

  • Sex at Dawn by Christoher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha. I am about halfway through this fascinating book about the earliest origins of human sexuality and their potential implications for our behaviors today. The book builds a strong case against the standard model that has been used to support the predominant conception of what marriage should be.

  • How Much is Enough? by Robert and Edward Skidelsky, which I just started at the recommendation of Joshua Foer. It starts out examining the famous Keynes essay on “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren” that has been much cited recently.

One of the things I love about ski vacations is that they offer so much reading time. I no longer feel the need to ski from lift opening to closing — now I am often happy to call it a day shortly after lunch. Looking forward to a great combination of outdoors, reading and time with family and friends.