Took a year, but I think we figured out mobile news: Inside 3.0

fix the internetIt’s taken me a year of iteration on, but I think my team and I have figured out mobile news. This team of 14 full-timers and 50 writers has been crushing it for the last four months, building out our 3.0 product.

It’s awesome.

Please download it and let me know what you think.

3.0 is on iOS this month, Android next.

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Our BHAG* is to curate the world’s best news and get people to the truth quicker

[ * big hairy audacious goal ]

We believe there will be a new class of content creators online. They’re not journalists or bloggers, we call them ‘curators.’

Curators find amazing stuff, organize it, and then share it.

If they do a great job you’ll follow them and eventually you might pay them. Yep, curation of content will become a career — book it! Launching our 3.0 product is the first major step in that direction.

You can be a curator right now: download the App, copy any url you find to your clipboard (on your phone), and submit it by pressing the orange pen button.

That’s it. We take it from there by checking that it’s not a duplicate story, and then writing a clean summary (free of link-bait and packed with facts).


Inside our News API allows you to follow the topics you love and see the top curators, authors, and sources for any topic. No one has ever had this kind of data before — or at least no one has shared it (Google has it — but they turned off their APIs).

We are going to open up our API for in Q2, so anyone will be able to ping us and say, “Tell me the top 10 curators and authors who have submitted stories to the SpaceX, Elon Musk, Tesla Motors, and HyperLoop topics.” (As just one example.)

Powered by Twitter, Since Twitter Powers JournalistS

Our product tracks authors and sources, giving massive credit to them every time they are curated. Instead of trying to intercept their traffic and reblog them, we feature their names, Twitter avatars, and logos on every post.

Of course you can click on people’s Twitter handles and be taken to Twitter straight away. Our hope is that the authors, curators, and sources who participate in get many more Twitter followers and traffic. That is actually starting to happen.

If you follow us on Twitter you’ll see we give massive props to our community.

Wrapping Up

No one has figured out mobile news, but we think that we’re on the path to becoming the best way to track the topics you love, and now the first platform for actually curating that content.

We’ve got a ton of ideas for where we want to take this, but right now I just want to thank my team for making this happen. The team is the best product team I’ve ever worked with — and I’ve worked with some of the best.

best @jason

PS – Some folks asked, “Why didn’t you launch this at the LAUNCH Festival next week?” Valid question, but as much as I would love to have that huge platform, I feel it’s unfair to be the host AND use it to plug yourself on stage. That being said, has an awesome booth where you can meet the team and talk about curation and something else new we’ve got on deck. :-)

PPS – LAUNCH Hackathon is this weekend and there are still a few slots left … join us!