Our Investment in Fetch Robotics

News began leaking this morning of an investment I’ve been excited about for a while but haven’t been able to talk about. Despite the press, there will be very little info about what they’re building here or elsewhere. 

The company is Fetch Robotics and they’re building low cost industrial robots for  a bunch of different application in warehousing and manufacturing. 

Robotics is an area we’ve been tracking for a while now. As we’ve seen in other categories like drones and satellites, Maker ideals have been seeping into the traditional robotics industry for some time.The Maker principles of low cost, off the shelf software and hardware often arrive as consumer applications and devices then make their way into enterprise-type applications. As the WSJ article highlights, this  transition is finally beginning to happen within industrial robotics:

Although robots have long been part of the workforce in automobile, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors where items have high price points, they’ve carried price tags of $300,000 or more, so their use in other environments has been cost prohibitive.

Where predecessor robots ran hundreds of thousands of dollars, Fetch will be delivering even more robust applications and devices for a fraction of the price. 

We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their team.